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Packages that use Campaign
org.paneris.bibliomania.generated The POEM-generated support classes for org.paneris.bibliomania. 

Uses of Campaign in org.paneris.bibliomania.generated

Methods in org.paneris.bibliomania.generated that return Campaign
 Campaign CampaignUserBase.getCampaign()
          Retrieves the Campaign object referred to.
 Campaign CampaignTableBase.getCampaignObject(int troid)
          Retrieve the Campaign as a Campaign.
 Campaign CampaignTableBase.getCampaignObject(java.lang.Integer troid)
          Retrieve the Campaign as a Campaign.

Methods in org.paneris.bibliomania.generated with parameters of type Campaign
 void CampaignUserBase.setCampaign(Campaign cooked)
          Set the Campaign.

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