Requirements Analysis and Plan

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This document provides rough notes about some aspects of the requirements which the system is intended to meet, and indications as to the outstanding requirements. See also the system's master QA document.


The Project has evolved, with the documents being retrofitted. So this document describes the current state of the system and the outstanding requirements. In addition the business model has changed from an advertising and associate based model to a direct selling model.

The customer

Bibliomania Ltd is an Oxford based private limited company.

Project genesis

Bibliomania has been in existence for some while. The current site evolved out of a plain HTML site.

Business need

The site has had a large injection of capital, the pressing business need is to establish a sizable income stream. Income is expected to be generated from the following:

  1. Sale of paper books
  2. Sale of electronic books
  3. Sale of MP3 format lectures
  4. Sale of CD of site
  5. Advertising
  6. Associate payments from other booksellers

See for a useful list of converters.

Application concepts


The users who are going to interact with the system fall into the following categories:


The input texts are split into files by chapter. The Chapter files are then split into pages using TeX to determine the page breaks.

Old URL Redirection

See 30221, 30224, 30230, 30267.

The old site used directory based URLs of the form Section/Author/Book/, initialliy it would be good to ensure that these redirects were case insensitive. In the longer run the noframes sites should revert to the path based URLs.



The external factors influencing the choice of OS, language, hardware, software are:

Price and performance: Only free, Open source software is to be used.


The external factors influencing the performance required of the system are:

The system must be able to support 20,000 hits per day.


The external factors influencing the security required of the system are:

The system should be maintained in an up-to-date fashion, so that loopholes and known exploits are guarded against.


The external factors influencing the robustness required of the system in the face of poor user/admin input are:

The system should not allow incorrect usage to mess it up.


The external factors influencing the stability required of the system are:

Stability is not crucial, however the caching machanism means that that the site continues to function even when the servlet runner has died.

Required Functionality


There has been a request to use cookies to enable people to return to where they were and/or book mark pages. If the site were not frames based then the user could use their normal book mark facility, which I think would be better.

Nofront page and Pagination

There appears to be a small bug, where pagination fails for a book without an index.wm even when the book has noFrontPage set, unless the book also has paginated set.


The FTI system for searching books must have the following features:

Search Interface

There are two separate searches on thr system: one of the text of the books, the other on the data held about the books. The two searches are identical in functionailty but take their source from the texts and teh database respecively.

If the user selects '0' as the number of hits per document then the default (5) is used.


A standard PanEris shopping trolley is grafted on to Bibliomania by adding a book key to the Product table.

Multiple Fulfillment Centers

We intend to start adding many more books by a range of different publishers. The fufillment partner will be different depnding on both publisher and location of purchaser.

We will try to keep the combinations to as few as possible. At the moment the following list the possibilities:

Publisher Customer Fufillment
Stratus Non-US Stratus London
Stratus US Netpub, US
Continuum Non-US Gardners
Continuum US Continuum US
Others Non-US Gardners
Others US Ingrams

So the program that generates the purchase order that gets sent to the fufillment centre will need to recognise both publisher and location (country) of purchaser. In fact it will only need to distinguish between US and Non-US delivery addresses.

For now we intend to use secure trading for processing all purchases.


Paper books from Stratus

Currently only books from the publisher Stratus are sold.

Word versions of Study guides

Word versions of Books

MP3 versions of lectures

It is intended to record lectures given by selected Oxford academics. These lectures to be recorded on a handheld MP3 recorder. The lectures will be associated with the apropriate Study guide.

Bibliomania on CD

See Bibliomania CD and its thread.

The requirement for a biliomania CD is still fluid, but the idea is that one should be able to sell a CD which replicates, as nearly as possible, the experience of the site.

Buying books from Associates

Bibliomania did not originally its own physical fulfilment service, but is affiliated with the major online book retailers; the Comparison shopper uses the toolkits they provide to offer a tailored and context-sensitive service for Bibliomania's user base.

Desirable goals:

Currently the comparision shopper is not active, it should be set up as a separate site.

Access to essays and study guides

Essays and study guides are not sold through the site. They are available for free, but only to registered users. The demand-driven login capability of Melati (PanEris's application framework) is well suited to providing this protection; the functionality will be the same as that of


Frames site

The current, frames based design evolved from one designed by Januzzi Smith. It is now generated when alterations are made to the database. There are mechanisms to ensure that pages are only viewed within the frameset.

No Frames site

See No frames Version

There is a requirement to create a new version of the site, which may replace or live alongside the current version, this version to be navigable by the old style URLs and to employ a tree based navigation scheme so that no frames are required.

Validation and QA

Text Validation

The current texts are HTML fragments, whose only validation has been that they look OK in a browser and that they can be interpretted by the HotJava parser. All texts should be validated using an SGML validating parser and the errors corrected.

Data Validation

There is a requirement to produce pages showing the state of the db. For example a page showing for all nullable fields in the database, the percentage which are not null, possibly in graphical form. A page showing all Books with/out a TOC. A page showing Units which have been modified since last they were encached.

Cache Validation

Although the cache is deleted prior to a complete re-run, it is still possible for webmacro errors to slip through. A script to grep the cache for webmacro errors is required.

Changes to Input Files

Book Table of Contents

The system looks for a file called index.wm in the book directory. If that file does not exist then a default TOC is created from the books chapters. In many instances the index.wm is redundant, in as much as it is not any different from the generate text, and so can be deleted.

Foreign Language texts

We already have Collected French Verse, which has issues with regard to character encodings (see

) these problems need to be addressed either by replacing high ascii characters with SGML entiies or by getting the encoding right.

We also have permission to publish a large number of Brazilian (Portuguese) documents (see Brazilian texts).

I am of the opinion that we should build separate sites for each languagem, ie lose the french text and setup two separate sites for French and Portuguese.

Changes to database structure

Additional Fields

All Unit fields should have the user who last modified them added.

Redundant Fields

User Description
Chapter Oldtextid

Open issues

See 30471.
A more general tree structure should be considered, to avoid reference books being input at authors and to remove the need for 'nofrontpage' flags.

Junk mailer

See Email Lists. A function to select users who have opted into email alerts and send them emails.

System Administration Requirements


Currently TimP takes a snapshot of the source data and writes it to CD. Ideally a snapshot of the cache, a dump of the db and the whole of the CVS tree whould also be backed up.

Visitor statistics

To sell advertising we need statistics on page impressions broken down by Sectiongroup.

Search recording

A record of the searches made on the engine needs to be kept to give us an idea of its typical usage. This record should also give an indication of the number of hits found.

Bibliomania Email domain

Bibliomania currently have a number of email addresses administered by Maytech. These need to be transferred to a domain under Bibliomania's control. We need to determine which machine this should be: the dev machine or the live machine.

The following email addresses are required:


Messageboard Listing

A list of all messageboards available, browsable from top down is required.

Messageboard Replies

Replies to emails from the messageboards are not currently set up.

Messageboard Relationship to Content Heirarchy

See message 37820.

Top level boards: Comments - General comments
Press - Press releases
Technical - The technical side of bibliomania
Group related boards: Read = Favourite Classics - Tell fellow Bibliomaniacs your favourite classic texts
Study = General Revision - General revision/help questions
Shop = Book Shop - Discuss what authors/books you would like to see in the shop
Section Related boards: Teachers - Share experiences/resources in teaching english, literature and e-education (this board already exists)

,p> I propose that we enable the group boards to be seen, adding :
Research - Share tips and links with other researchers
Search - Assistance with finding out of print resources

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